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Who We Are and Our Mission Statement

     Green Acres is a family owned and operated Small Minority Business Enterprise.  We are prepared to take on any lawn related challenge whether large or small, and to bring you guaranteed services that will make you a extremely satisfied member of our clientele and your neighbor take notice.


     Our Mission is to provide all or any combination of superior mowing, edging, hedge trimming and seasonal Fall leaf removal services.  Green Acres Property Maintenance Service takes pride in providing excellent Lawn Maintenance Services that will keep your property well groomed.


     Our Mission is to make every effort to maintain the curb appeal of your most valuable asset by a strict personalized schedule of regular services that suits your individual needs.  We believe a key part of maintaining a beautiful lawn is regular mowing and edging.  We know that mowing and everything involved in maintaining a lawn can be a chore, and to some a real hassle.  At Green Acres, we love to mow lawns, to enhance property value by giving it that manicured look, and we would love the opportunity to cut your grass.


     We promise we will take as much pride in the way we service your lawn as any others we maintain.  You deserve the best service possible for your money and we aim to give you our best time and time again.  We are ready, willing and able to serve you! See our Service Areas Listing on the HOME page and then visit the CONTACT US page.


Ten Reasons To Choose Us

  1. We perform Excellent Service within 48 Hours of your call.
  2. Photo Validation available with each Scheduled Service.
  3. One Time, On-Call or Contract Service Available.
  4. We pick up paper and other litter before mowing.
  5. We leave your sidewalks and driveway clean.
  6. Locally owned and operated.
  7. Convenient Payment Options.
  8. We have Commercial Liability Insurance for your protection.
  9. We have excellent Customer Reviews.
  10. If you try us today, you will trust us tomorrow to be your provider.

Green Acres

Property Maintenance Service 

A name you can trust and 

Service you can depend on.

The Seasons will change,

but our great Service

will always remain

exactly the same!