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We believe that cutting of your grass begins with a sharpened blade, and that well kept equipment and eagle eyed workers produces a uniformly cut lawn.  Mowing also involves adjusting cutting heights as seasons change, which during summer months, in addition to a good watering schedule, is a significant factor in reducing lawn sun burn.


With skill and precision we cut back the over-growth of grass at sidewalks, walkways, driveways and curbs, to give your areas a well kept and clean look that may set your property apart from your neighbors.

Hedge Trimming

This area of service is not a requirement with every lawn cut, but should be done periodically or with some regularity to beautify the landscaping and general appeal of the property.  As traffic passes by your property, unsightly and unkept hedges draw attention no matter how well maintained your lawn, because they are often at eye level.  We want the attention to be positive and for people to applaud you for your efforts to keep property values high and appearances neat.

Mulch Installation

Add beauty and curb appeal to your lawn by installing Mulch or applying a new layer to restore the color. There are many different types and colors from which to choose, to include Red dyed, Black, Rubber, Pine Bark, Cocoa Shell, all which can provide a excellent ground cover. Most dyed mulch will offer a one year guarantee on maintaining it's color. This is an inexpensive way to beautify your lawn.

Fall Leaves Clean Up

For most homeowners this is the dreaded season of the year.  How many people enjoy raking leaves?  If you're one of those persons who do not have enough time as it is to do all you need to do, then, LEAVE the FALL LEAVES to us.  We will clean the grassy areas of your lawn of those unsightly surface leaves and be responsible for their disposal.

Friendly or Vicious Pet Rule

Unfortunately we do not offer Estimates or Service to properties that have outside pets loose or in the back yard for safety and sanitary reasons. Lawns that are unsanitary due to pet excrement, but pets are moved inside, may incur an additional charge.


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